Breweries wishing to attend Crown Beer Fest must meet the following requirements.

A brewery may be eligible for attending if all of the following conditions are met:


1. Brewery holds a valid and active “Small Brewer” permit issued by the Indiana or other state

Alcohol and Tobacco Commission or equivalent organization;

2. Brewery is actively brewing;

3. Brewery is actively engaged in the business of making and selling beer at its

permit premise.


Brewery in Planning

Breweries in planning are not eligible to serve beer at Crown Beer Fest.

A brewery in planning may, however, purchase vendor booth space for any Guild

festival with the intent of marketing their business.



Breweries attending the festival should bring at least 1.5 barrels of beer. Compensation

for product will be based on the specific amount of beer that each brewery brings to the festival.

A beer inventory will be taken on the day of the festival prior to opening the gates. Checks will

be paid after the conclusion of the festival and will be mailed to each respective brewery that

meets the booth cleanup requirements. See “Booth Cleanup” section for additional details.


 Stipend Guidelines:


● $90 per half barrel

● $30 per sixth barrel

● $60 per firkin

● $30 per pin

● $350 maximum for beer


Note: ​You must properly dispose of all garbage. Failure to properly clean your booth means that you will forfeit your beer stipend.



Dispensing Requirements


Dispensing equipment used to pour beer samples should operate using CO2 or gravity,

and should not be cooled by the use of an electrically powered draft box or cooler.

Breweries must use festival ­approved pouring equipment, i.e., jockey box.

Power is limited at most festival locations and is not easily accessible in most cases.

Use of electrical power may be requested, but is not guaranteed to be available. A $10

fee will be charged to any brewery requesting and utilizing electrical power at an event.





Beer samples are to be dispensed into festival­ specific tasting cups to a designated

pour line (usually 3-4 floz) in order to allow festival goers to have ample opportunity to try a

multitude of beers. Safety of our attendees is very important and adhering to the pour

regulations will ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone. No beer garnishes are allowed

Breweries cannot bring or dispense samples into non festival containers of

any sort including tasting and pint glasses, empty beer bottles, cans, or growlers. Any

breweries seen with such items will be asked to empty and store them.

Failure to follow these guidelines could lead to exclusion from future festivals.

A record will be kept of all violations.


Vendor Guidelines


Vendor ​booth roughly a 6 x 8’ area, including one rectangular table and chairs.  A $10 fee will be charged to any vendor requesting and utilizing electrical power at a festival.

At least one person must be in the booth throughout the duration of the festival.

Detailed requirements are explained in the Festival Vendor Agreements forms per

request from the Event Coordinator.


Booth Cleanup


All breweries and vendors are required to clean up their booth space at the conclusion

of each festival. As a reminder, each brewery booth at the festival will have a sheet

listing the cleanup requirements, and will be provided with trash bags to aid in the

cleanup process. Breweries that do not comply with the requirements will not receive their beer

stipend. Booth inspections for both brewery and vendor booths will occur at the conclusion of

each festival, and those in violation of the cleanup requirements will be noted and

subsequently notified of the inspection results. Failure to comply with these guidelines

could lead to exclusion from future festivals. Brewery booth cleanup requirements are as



1. All tables and chairs must be broken down and laid flat on the ground.

2. All trash must be picked up off of the ground in and around the booth area, and

bagged for later collection by festival volunteers.


3. Leave the booth space in the same condition as it was received.


Merchandise Policy

Merchandise can be sold at the festival out of a brewery booth with the exception of

glass growlers, pint glasses, or any other glass vessel that could hold beer.


Additional Ticket Purchases

Each brewery will receive 4 complimentary staff tickets that must be presented to enter the fest. Names of the employees must be provided ahead of time to receive a wrist band. Brewery Tickets will allow entry to the festival grounds during setup and must be presented at the brewer check in station at the festival. Every brewer and brewery staff must present a ticket: no ticket means no entry. There will be NO exceptions to this policy.


Out­ of­ State Festival Policy Guidelines Out of­ State Brewery


Out­ of­ state breweries wishing to participate in Crown Beer Fest that does not currently distribute in the State of Indiana must complete the Primary Source Application, here www.in.gov/atc/2528.htm.


**Note this requires that you have a distributor willing to be your supplier for the festival.


All staff from an out­ of­ state brewery wanting to pour beer file for a Temporary Employee

Permit, here www.in.gov/atc /24098.htm and return to Hanna at events@crownbrewing.com There is a $5 fee for each application which will be deducted from the represented brewery beer stipend.


Product Requirements and Stipend:

Out of state brewers will be held to the same compensation schedule as Indiana brewers

Stipends will be paid after the conclusion of the festival and will be mailed to each

respective brewery that meets the booth cleanup requirements. See “Booth Cleanup”

section for additional details.